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June 8th, 2022

2021 - Return of The Wedding (A Year in Review - Click Here)

To say the last few years were a bit ‘different’ in the world of Weddings would be an understatement.  …However, last year there was a shift, almost a return to 'normalcy’; A return to being able to hug & kiss those you love without fear, a return to celebrations instead of cautions, a return to simply being able to dance the night away with those who support and ultimately celebrate your love - 2021 was simply amazing.

I’m truly humbled that I have been able to do this for 10 years now and never take it for granted.  

Thank you to everyone and anyone that has supported me, it means more than you can imagine. A special thanks and an everappreciation to those that have allowed me into their lives to capture such intimate & important moments.

Bring on 2022 baby; Y'boi is just getting started!

Don’t forget to click that link up there to see some of my favourite images for 2021!


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